The construction sector of the Australian economy has weakened, posing pressures for the country’s growth figures. Gross domestic product is expected to witness a downfall following the plunge in construction activity and the value added there from.

The total value of construction work done in Australia was down a seasonally adjusted 2.6 pct at AUD47.928 billion on quarter in the first three months of 2016, falling for the third consecutive quarter, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday. However, the headline figure missed forecasts for a decline of 1.5 pct following the 3.6 pct contraction in the previous quarter.

A strong residential house-building has pushed the level of construction activity in recent time. However, a sharp decline in mining activity has offset the gains significantly.

The completion of large resources project such as big liquefied natural gas plants across the north of the country are adding to the weakness in the construction data, reports said.

“Housing construction activity remains active, but is likely to taper off over the next year, while the headwind from the resources investment downturn is less likely to intensify,” said a leading research firm in a recent note.