In a setback to the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, the regional parliament in Scotland backed Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for a second referendum. The members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) voted 69 to 59 to seek permission to hold another independence referendum. Now, the first minister would try to ensure that the UK government grants one. She has said that she won’t back down even if the Prime Minister doesn’t answer the call. She said, “The mandate for a referendum is beyond question. It would be democratically indefensible to attempt to stand in the way.” She would make a formal request to the UK government to grant her powers to hold a second referendum. In the previous referendum that was held in 2014 under the then Scottish first minister Alex Salmond, the Scottish people rejected independence with 55-45 percent. Since then there has been no indication in the polls that the Scottish people would back independence in a second one. However, Nicola Sturgeon argues that at that time, staying inside the EU was shown as a hanging fruit by those opposing the independence and that changed with the Brexit referendum last year.

Despite this passing, the UK government is standing firm that it would not support a referendum until the Brexit is complete and the final deal between the UK and the EU is clear.