Speaking with the BBC, before her speech to the Scottish conservative conference, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May has blasted the Scottish National Party (SNP) for their singular vision of independence. In recent days, the Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has added pressure on the UK government to adopt some of her party’s recommendation in the upcoming Brexit negotiations, which includes access to the European Union single market for Scotland. She has threatened to call for another independence referendum. Last time in 2014, Scottish people rejected separation from the United Kingdom with 55-45 margin. Ms. Sturgeon has argued that then the Scottish people, who overwhelmingly voted in favor of staying in the European Union, were promised single market access.

The Prime Minister said that she is looking very closely to the proposals presented by the Scottish National Party (SNP) though Ms. Sturgeon has accused Ms. May’s government hasn’t paid the attention required. She said to the SNP and Ms. Sturgeon that politics is not a game and keeping Scotland in the UK is a personal priority for her. However, she felt short of saying whether she would grant another referendum or not.