10Y bond spreads have overall widened in the last one week (1W). Central America and LatAm have widened the most, while Asia is the only region to tighten in the last 1W. All the credit rating buckets have widened over the last 1W, with BB rated credits underperforming the most.

10s30s spread curves steepened by 1bp in the last 1W to currently stand at 64bp. On an absolute basis, COL is the steepest curve, while PHI is the flattest. On a 6m z-score basis SOAF and ARG are the steepest curves, while BRA is the flattest.
The CDS-bond basis decreased by 2bp in the last 1W to currently trade at positive 11bp. This leaves the basis close to the 6m average of 10bp. On a 6m z-score basis BRA has the most positive basis, while SOAF, PHI and INDO have the most negative.