The Socialist candidate in this year’s French election, Manuel Valls, the former Prime Minister of France has abandoned his candidacy and instead, he would vote for the independent centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in order to defeat their staunch rival Front National leader Marine Le Pen. He said on the French television that the Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon is not in the best position to prevent the rise of the dreaded far-right candidate. Mr. Hamon is expected to come fifth in the first round of the election, which will be held on April 23rd. he said that he is not going to take any risk. The incumbent socialist President Francois Hollande is not running for a second term, largely because of his very low approval rating among the French. At one point, his approval rating dropped to just 4 percent. He said repeatedly that as a President it is his primary goal to prevent a Le Pen Presidency as that will not be in the best interest of his country. So far, some 50 lawmakers have also jumped to Macron’s boat in order to prevent Le Pen from getting into the second round.

Polls have so far shown that Marine Le Pen getting beaten by Macron in the second round by a large margin of more than 30 percent despite winning the first. But polls have been proven wrong many a time in 2016. The establishment politicians are very scared as the Le Pen Presidency would not only mean the end of their world but the end of the European union and the Euro.