If you just search Syria in you search engine, you will find scores of images that show widespread ravages, destroyed buildings, children playing in the debris, you will find blood, death and wounded men, women, and children. Some of the notable pictures you might be aware of but you would many, with which you are not. Many of those people have come to Europe, looking for shelter, better ways of life and many just to survive, which has triggered a refugee crisis across Europe and threatening the very political fabric of the European Union. The Union is now divided more than ever, while right-wing populists are on the rise in the political arena. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel may not survive next year’s election.

Despite all the political trouble and all the destruction around the Middle East, the global leaders around the world have failed to end the war in the Middle East, over a very small region. Syria is less than a half of the size of California. How can the regular people hope for peace if the western leaders can’t agree to a truce over an area so small? In Syria, United States is supporting rebels with weapons and air support, who are fighting ISIS as well as the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Assed is fighting rebels and ISIS, Russia is fighting ISIS as well as Rebels, while supports Assad. Turkey is aiding troops of the United States but fighting Assad and Kurds. Kurds are fighting ISIS, troops of Assad and Turkish Army, while they are supported by the United States. How did the world leaders make the situation so complicated? Leaders talk of peace and prosperity, while a war rages on for more than five years.

If the European Union do not actively seek and end it, it would be a reverse of the European achievement so far.