Donald Trump is Republican Party’s presumptive nominee but primaries are yet to be over, even if they are symbolical and Mr. Trump is still a bit far from winning the 1237 delegates to win outright nominations.

In Washington primary, held yesterday Mr. Trump has won overwhelming support of people. With 73% reporting, Mr. Trump has won 76.2% of the votes. Though he might fell concerned that Ted Cruz and John Kasich secured 20% of the votes, even as they dropped out of the race, pointing that some people are yet not ready to vote for Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump as of now has secured 1196 delegates.

Still primaries haven’t lost all its significance. On June 7th, States like California and New Mexico are going into primaries, where Hispanics are predominant voters, whom Mr. Trump may have angered with his deportation ideas and of building a wall at borders with Mexico.

If Mr. Trump loses lots of votes in these two states, it would make him as well as Republican leaders worried, heading into November 8th election for the White House.