It would be no exaggeration to say that when it comes to advertisements, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is drowning under the tidal waves of ads from Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s camp. New data from Advertising Age, Clinton camp has been grossly outspending Trump. In the key swing states like Florida and Ohio, Clinton camp has booked ads worth $145.3 million within a time between now and the date of the election. Compared to that, Trump camp has booked just about $4.4 million worth of ads.

Yet Trump has national enjoyed more air time than Clinton. Trump has largely used the free airtime by appearing on different talk shows, interviews, and press conferences and that is a brilliant strategy. Moreover, Mr. Trump’s comments and views, which are many a time portrayed in a negative light, became so famous or infamous that almost his every move is covered by media and those are aired nationally. No candidate in the recent history of the U.S. elections has used the free space so strategically.

What should worry the Clinton camp, that despite huge ad spending in the past, Nationally Donald Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by less than a point and the spending figures are so outrageous that many now accuse Mrs. Clinton, for throwing the money away.