US presidential election series: vp debate reveals disturbing moderator bias
Two debates have taken the stage so far and both of them show a disturbing pattern of biased moderators. In the first Presidential debate, it was evident that NBC anchor Lester Holt pressed Trump more than Hillary Clinton and missed out on critical issues that should have been asked of her. While he chose to press Trump over Birther movement, counter-attacked Trump incorrectly over stop and frisk, pressed him over his stance on Iraq war, he failed to press Clinton on her use of private email server and Benghazi, which have been the biggest issues in her campaign. Donald Trump was asked four hit questions, while Hillary was asked none.

Similar, probably worse happened during the Vice presidential debate, where Elaine Quijano. She not only interrupted Mike Pence many a time, she allowed Hillary’s partner Tim Kaine to continuously interrupt Mike Pence. Statistics show that Mr. Kaine interrupted Pence 39 times while it is just 19, the other way around.

So far the two debates have shown a peculiar bias against Donald Trump’s campaign, which shouldn’t be the case. It could be the effect of constant criticism of the elite media by Mr. Trump or the high level of influence Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The next two debates are scheduled on the 9th and 19th. Next debate moderator is Anderson Cooper from CNN, the news channel that has been described by Mr. Trump as “Clinton News Network”.